Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sales! New Shop!

New stuff on sale! 


Carrington 2 in three delicious colors! Obsidian, Aquamarine, and Emerald.

Also on sale, new Promises Rings:

These are available in both gold and silver in diamond, and diamond with chocolate diamonds. 

Big news! We have a NEW SHOP! On Sale at Serena Gardena, 

Carrington 2 in three more beautiful colors: ruby, sapphire, and amethyst. 

With the opening of our new shop at Serna Gardena, we have closed our shop at The Wash! so make sure you visit the new shop for all the great sales, and the Main store for more great sales!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Grand Opening of new shop!

Captivating! has opened a new shop on the Serena Gardena Sim.  The Grand opening is re-scheduled for Noon SLT on  February 28th. There will be plenty of sales on things that are gift-able so come find something nice for your Valentine! Your taxi!

On sale at the MAIN STORE! 

Carrington Bracelets in GOLD!

3 Gorgeous stone sets: Diamond, Ruby, and Amethyst.

Also on sale at the Main Store:

Valentine Heart Necklaces in Gold!

Available in Gold, Amethyst, and Jade.


Carrington Bracelets in silver!

Available in Amethyst, Onyx, and Ruby!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

New and on Sale!

Hey all!
Valentines Day is coming and we are cooking up some great deals. They will be appearing in all the stores in the next week or so. Beautiful new rings and some older stuff too. Stay tuned!


2 New Elise Pearl Rings!

2 Pear Shaped Solitaire Rings!
3 Valentine Heart Necklaces!


2 More Valentine Heart Necklaces and The Hearts and Diamond Gold Set!

New Store COMING SOON! Stay Tuned!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Customer Loyalty Program! New Rings! New Group Gifts!

At this time of year it's customary to express thanks to our customers. Captivating! is doing more than just saying thanks (but yes, we thank you all) we are instituting a Customer Loyalty Program. Any purchases that go through our vendor system get recorded.

When you hit $L1000 in total purchases you get 5% off 
When you hit $L2000 you get 10% off
And when you hit $L3000 you get 15% off!

And for those thinking, "Gee I should have waited on the purchases I made last week so they would count," no worries. We have records of everyone's purchases. Some of you are way over the $L1000 already. A couple are even over $L3000.

All purchases made at any of the stores count. Unfortunately, at events where we need to use their vendors we cannot count those purchases. But any purchases made at the main store, The Wash store, the Outlet or the men's shop do count. and have counted already.

Now then, NEW NEW NEW stuff!!

Pretty new rings on sale! 3 at the MAIN STORE:

3 more on sale at THE WASH!

2 more are GROUP GIFTS at the MAIN STORE. So join the group and get them!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Wash Cart Sale!

Come check out the bargains at The Wash Cart Sale! Info on the poster below! Need a place to start? How about here!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

12 Days of Christmas!

Beginning Dec 13th, Captivating! will be giving GROUP MEMBERS an advent gift every day! This will be a fun little adventure, and a bit different than the advent calendars you are used to. Make your way to the MAIN STORE, right in front (picture below), and click the appropriate days door to be taken to that days gift! Have fun and make sure you join the group!

These gifts will be new, exclusive to the Advent Calendar! Make sure you come each day to get yours because they will only be available on that day!

The staff of Captivating! wishes each of you a Very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

SL Christmas Expo and POE 11 Hunt!

 SL Christmas Expo 2018, Nov 30 - Dec 9, 2018 - In Support Of The Relay For Life of Second Life.

Captivating! Is proud to provide two exclusives to this event!

Captivating! is also providing a prize in the Gift of Hope Hunt!

For more information, check out their blog!

We are also participating in the Peace on Earth hunt which runs from Dec. 1st - 31st.

Visit our MAIN STORE for these and many other offers!